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The BFJ Monthly Jams Are Held In The Avalon Ballroom

The monthly BFJ Jams are held in The Avalon Ballroom,  6185 Arapahoe Rd, Boulder, CO  80303.  It is located slightly west of 63rd Street on the north side of Arapahoe.  Call (303) 440-8303 for additional directions, if needed. The Ballroom has ample parking, but no bar or kitchen facilities.  So BYOB, snacks, etc. and come out and enjoy the jam.
Jazz in Boulder Visit Christine Robinson’s “Jazz In Boulder” for the latest in local jazz happenings.  Christine maintains a jazz calender and, if you wish, will put you on her mailing list to receive the latest information on what’s going on in Boulder, jazzwise.  She also provides links to local jazz news and upcoming events.  Especially for musicians, she has a link to the Pathways to Jazz grant program application.
Jazz In Boulder
Caffè Sole is a full service bistro serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffees, and wine.  It is located at 637R South Broadway, in Boulder’s Table Mesa Shopping Center at Broadway and Table Mesa Drive.  Visit their calendar  of jazz and community events and join with friends to enjoy an evening of live jazz music.  It’s a great way to  support jazz in Boulder and local musicians as you savor some tasty treats from the cafe’s delicious pastries and dessert offerings. For more info, call (303) 499-2985.

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